VGZ Sea Battle

Accessible board game for android devices for totally blind and visually impaired users

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Game rules are almost the same as in the paper or board versions of the sea battle.
Program will place the ships on your field, then you should begin finding out the location of opponent fleet.
Your mission is to destroy enemy fleet before they destroy yours.
If you are totally blind, you don't need the assistance of sighted people to play this game.

Technical requirements:
1. Android version 4.0 and above.(Strongly)
2. Screen 7 inch and larger.(You can install this game on android device with the screen smaller than 7 inch with your own risk only)
3. Internet connection.(Strongly)
4. Android accessibility must be installed and enabled on your android device. If you don't know how to install and to enable android accessibility, please click here
5. Google Play - digital application distribution platform for Android must be installed on your android device.
6. Free memory at least 15 mb.
This app is available in Google Play (Android Market), you can download it from there.
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